Weekends are fun!

Happy Monday everyone! We’ve had a fun-filled weekend and are ready for a good long sleep today. On Saturday we were a tad irritated when the humans went out without us and ate lunch. We found their pictures on the laptop later and clearly they are not very good at photography and should have taken us with them.



The girl-woman has a wonky face and poor boy-man has lost half his head. They will be pleased that we’ve pointed this out on our blog as it might prompt them to get lessons and improve.

Anyway, once they came back we explored girl-woman’s new yoga bag and spent time lying on a particularly nice Albert Heijn shopping bag.




In the evening we had family film time and watched Harry Potter who is an amazing boy-wizard. We are hoping our boy-man might become a wizard as it looks like it might come in useful.



It was a little scary at times so we had to sit near the humans or keep our eyes shut. Bella had to sit with her back to it at one point as there was a man with a scary snake-face which she really didn’t like.



After all the excitement we were rather tired and the humans didn’t move us out of the bed which was a nice treat. They respectfully moved over and let us spread out 🙂


A lovely sleep 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekends are fun!

  1. Oh it looks like you had a delightful weekend! Bags and bed…..nothing better than that (except maybe special treats to eat!). You little girls have such nice humans don’t you think???? Even if boy-man lost half his head!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. hay ewe wee onez…..ya noe…de food servizz gurl heer in trout towne could knot take a good fotoz if a pro waz standin bee side her tellin her what buttonz ta push…..troo lee…..N like we see sum friez on that tabull…how manee did they bring home for ewe ? if de answer iz zee roe…..make em go bak N get sum…..


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