All is well again!

Happy Friday kitties! We are happy to report that all is well again 🙂 Racked by guilt after seeing our last blog ‘When Humans Ignore‘ our humans made extra special efforts to ensure we were properly appreciated last night.

Firstly, girl-woman let us go outside! We have never been outside before and only get to see it when we are lifted onto the window sills. It turns out that the humans have a tiny balcony and we were allowed to explore it for a while.





Unfortunately, once I’d discovered I could climb up to the wall we had to go back inside again – girl-woman was apparently worried that we might leave home. Anyway, it was lots of fun and we are looking forwards to our next trip outside!

After the outdoor fun, boy-man then let us share his yoghurt snack which was extremely tasty! Sharing snacks is usually one of the human’s no-go areas but last night they relented 🙂





To end the evening both humans helped us decorate the living room with kitchen roll and then boy-man played chase with us!





It was wonderful fun and despite not being allowed into the bedroom as a final treat, we had an excellent evening over all.

Well done humans, you are completely forgiven!



3 thoughts on “All is well again!

  1. EXCELLENT!!!! It appears your humans realize that being home alone without human entertainment (they are such crazy creatures after all) you would appreciate having some FUN with them! Paper towels are fun… is a bit of fresh air (just be careful out there!)………….but most of all, yogurt – YUM – it’s one of my FAVORITE treats!!! I love strawberry yogurt best of all but any yogurt will do.

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. eggs cell ant werk guys….itz onlee a matter oh weeks bee for ewe both haz yur peepulz proper lee traned….N 100 purr cent under control….we guess by joo lie 12th ….everee thing will be long two ewe…even access ta rooms yur knot a loud in now 🙂 ~~~~~

    heerz two a bigmouth buffalo { yep itza fish } !! kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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  3. Guys! Yous is training your pawrents most excellently well! Mes thinks yous is well on the way to being excellent Cats from Hell!

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