When Humans Ignore…

Good morning kitties. Last night was a disappointing evening followed by a disappointing morning. Despite being our usual extremely helpful selves we have received neither the praise nor attention we deserve. Not even a tin of tuna in sight 😦 Perhaps the humans are not feeling well…

It all start last night. Girl-woman returned from yoga late and because the humans ‘hadn’t seen each other‘ all day, this was apparently good reason to ignore us! We put on two impressive play fight routines followed by a series of sofa jumps and we barely got a stroke; very vexing!


We did at least get fed, although Bella feels that was touch and go as well. This morning we helpfully packed boy-man’s bag for him and fought off those dangerous tassels but he simply brushed us aside without so much as a thank you!



Being the helpful kitties we are, we then decided that if we couldn’t help at home we would help the humans at work. We informed girl-woman by preparing to travel into work with her (there is plenty of space in her basket) but she plucked us up and actually said the words “not now kitties”.



Naturally we are very distressed. It’s in our nature to be helpful and caring but everyone needs to be shown appreciation – even kitties! If the situation does not improve tonight we will be forced to take action.


11 thoughts on “When Humans Ignore…

  1. Oh kitties, how vexed you must be at this blatant lack of attention, and in the face of such helpful behaviour too! May I assist in offering a possible explanation? Sometimes, humans become what is known as “very busy”. Now, while I appreciate that kitties are “always busy”; for the humans, it is an unnatural state of affairs and can result (as I think is the case here) in strange behaviour, which lacks any consideration or thanks for kitties who care. I suggest that you go on caring in the way only you can, and I feel confident that when girl and boy-human are “less busy” you will see a return to normal ……… whatever that is. Keep caring kitties xxxx

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  2. So sorry you have been ignored…..it’s tough to ignore a kitten (or two!) as they are everywhere at once and always looking for something to get into….but if your humans are busy, you must convince them that you need some entertainment opportunities like a cat tree or a box or two to keep you occupied! Just as Cyndi Lauper sang a bazillion years ago, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” !!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. Being ignored is good, if yous wants to bes a good cat from hell, yous will now shred something to shows your vexation! Mes suggests yous chooses the paper roll that is in the human littler box room….

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  4. hay ewe wee onez…a 10 day old halibutt thatz shoved inta de A/C vent while yur peepulz iz at werk will get ther a ten shunz all rite…guranteed on thiz one…just make sure ya attach a note two de fish sew when him iz found….yur peepulz will noe de…whyz & what forz…. ♥


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