Father’s Day Skype

Reminded about Father’s Day by all our fabulous gifts, the boy-man decided to Skype his own father this afternoon. Although I was keen to see these new family members, I had a sudden urge to sleep and sadly missed the entire event.


Luckily, Bella was up and about, so she passed on our Father’s Day greetings for the both of us. She reports that Skype is a fairly pleasant experience, even though Face-time is far superior. She only got annoyed with the video quality once and jumped on the keyboard to helpfully shut it down. Boy-man seemed quite irritated by this but then he needs to learn to stick to Apple communication where possible.


The boy-man’s father-human is apparently a very nice man even though he was a tad grumpy about just being back from holiday. Bella really loved the father-human’s wife though! She has lots of pets of her own (unfortunately not kitties) and helpfully dangled interesting flower objects in front of the screen keeping Bella entertained throughout the duller parts of conversation – very thoughtful of her!



Hopefully next time, they will a) invest in some decent Apple technology so we can Face-time and b) I will be awake to join in the fun.



2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Skype

  1. Sounds like a nice Father’s Day at your house! I’m keeping my Dad company as he does stuff around the house today…….usually I’m at Mom’s feet following HER but in honor of Dad’s Day – it’s HIS turn! Enjoy!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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