Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day kitties!

The closest thing we have to a father is our boy-man who, despite begin human, manages to care for us surprisingly well. To show our appreciation we took some money from the pot and prepared a few gifts:



1) We bought him some ridiculously small Dutch beers glasses:


2) We bought him some posh chocolate:


3) We plan to be extra cute all day:


4) We sorted the TV wires out for him:IMG_0790
5) We put on an early-morning display of our excellent chair fighting abilities:


6) We helped him fix his bike:



7) We promised to stay out of his important orienteering gear:


8) And, as a final treat, we decorated the room for him:


So many gifts, all before 10am! We’re sure he will have a very happy day! Keep caring kitties. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. WOW…..you two really outdid yourselves for Father’s Day…….seems to me he might be so grateful for your thoughtful presents that you might get a special treat??????? I especially love your decorating touch…….

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Dear Bella and Esme, I have to write to let you know how deeply impressed I am with the help you extended to your human on the all important day of Father’s Day. I am sure that he could not fail to be moved by your extreme helpfulness on this special day. I think your TV wire sorting was especially kind. I hope he showed his appreciation in bucket loads. Love from girl-human’s mother xxx

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