Bedroom access issues…

The humans had planned something called a romantic evening last night. It involved candles and a ‘no-kitties-in-the-bedroom’ rule suddenly being created.

Being a foolish rule, we naturally ignored it. The candles were very pretty, but try as we might, we couldn’t enjoy them properly as the humans got all flappy and upset whenever we tried to play with them.


After several attempts to join in with ‘romantic evening’ we were carried outside the room (we hate to be removed) and put in the other side of the apartment.


We have been up all night pondering what this might mean. No doubt they thought we wouldn’t enjoy playing with candles. A little disappointing but then we have come to the sad realization that our humans are not very bright.

We punished them for an hour or so this morning by ignoring them and pretending we didn’t like our breakfast. All is now forgiven though and boy-man showed us he was sorry by letting us play parrots.


Keep caring kitties!


2 thoughts on “Bedroom access issues…

  1. Gosh, “parrots” looks like a fun game! However, since I weigh SEVERAL more pounds than you cuties, something tells me my Mom would NOT appreciate me pretending to be one on HER shoulders. Trust me on this though – candles are NOT good to play with…..big ouch! Have a fun Saturday…….

    Hugs, Sammy

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