International Box Day!

Happy International Box Day kitties!

Our new friend Sammy informed us that it was International Box Day today and our humans have managed to dig out a few boxes for the occasion! Unfortunately there are no boxes large enough for them to play but we are having lots of fun!

IMG_1010 IMG_1006 IMG_1009 IMG_1003

In other news, we were saddened to hear about a recent accident for the mother-woman. You may remember her from our blog about visitors. We liked her very much:


Anyway, she was recently playing in a barn in France (presumably catching mice) when the floor gave way and she fell through. Luckily she landed in a huge pit of ancient spider webs full of gigantic arachnids. She probably ended up having lots of fun chasing those too:


We hope you have a box large enough to play in and that you feel better soon mother-woman! Lots of hugs from us. xxx


2 thoughts on “International Box Day!

  1. YAY! So glad your humans found some boxes for you to play in……..after all, what’s “Box Day” without boxes????!! Sorry to hear about your Mother-Woman’s accident – imagine landing in a pile of spiderwebs and spiders….YUCK. Although some spiders are rather fun to poke with a paw, I’m not crazy about them in general. I’d rather have a catnip mouse!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Ahh kitties, how kind of you to take a moment out of International Box Day to send your good wishes for my speedy recovery. You will be surprised to hear that I wasn’t actually chasing mice, but working to clear some hay and straw away. Maybe if I had been chasing mice, I would not have fallen. I was thankful that the spiders webs broke my fall and the man-human, known to you as Mufasa, was swiftly on hand to pick me up and give sound advice as to how to bandage my wounds. Keep writing kitties, and enjoy box day, with much love, mother-woman xxx

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