Morning Fun!

Good morning kitties! It’s a beautiful day here in The Hague and we have discovered a new window to view the world from:


It is unfortunately in the bedroom, which we are not allowed in (according to yet another weird human rule) but I think we shall be enjoying this view a lot over the next few weeks.

Anyway, despite it being a lovely day, girl-woman is her usual sleepy-cross self this morning. She is apparently not a ‘morning person’ whatever that means.

One way to care for your ‘non-morningy’ humans is to cheer them up with a quick game or two.

In our house boy-man needs no cheering but girl-woman is always very grumpy and appears unable to speak until she has drunk at least two coffees.

To help her out and show her our love, we have invented a variety of games to make mornings a happy time!

1) Girl-woman likes to get all her things ready for work and put them in a neat pile on the table. A great game is steal one or two items and hide them around the apartment.


Today we got the green vaseline all the way to the bedroom!

2) We are now fairly accurate at jumping up and stealing the dangling part of girl-woman’s dressing gown.



She is not overly keen on this game and says things like “not in the morning” and “oh Bella” but we have high hopes and shall keep trying.

3) Our favourite and most effective game for cheering girl-woman up is ‘hide and seek’. Each day we pick a new place to hide and then stay very quiet. We do this just before she is about to leave the house for work. This game really does seem to cheer her up. She runs around the house, opening cupboards, calling our names and something about being ‘late’. Today Bella decided to hide in the plate cupboard. Girl-woman was so cheered and energised by this game that she decided to empty the plate cupboard and wash everything in it – success!


So there you go kitties. Three excellent ways to cheer your humans up in the morning. Keep caring!


4 thoughts on “Morning Fun!

  1. Good Morning clever kitties! I am so pleased to read that you are finding ways to cheer up your girl-human in the morning. I must admit, that I failed in this regard when she was a small girl-child. School mornings were particularly irksome as she would burrow under her covers and mumble in a language known as “teenage”. I wish I had possessed your skills at the time, but alas, mornings were often tricky. Keep up the good work! Love from Sparkly-woman. PS; Mufasa sends his love xxx

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  2. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to cheer up your humans early in the morning! They like it when our antics delay their departure just enough that they might be late for work – besides, isn’t it FUN to watch them running around in a panic???? Tee Hee

    Hugs, Sammy

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