Holiday Planning

Exciting news kitties. We are apparently going on holiday in December! The humans are very excited, as are we. There has been a flurry of planning and preparation and we’ve been helping every step of the way:


We have helped with the initial costings.


The all important paper tasting and contacting of friends.


And of course, the proof reading.


Yes, it all looks good to us kitties. We are a little nervous about snowboarding having never been before but after spending this morning practising, we feel confident that we will have the hang of it come December.





Keep caring kitties and have a happy Tuesday!





































4 thoughts on “Holiday Planning

  1. Oh kitties! HOW excited you must be to be going on holiday with your humans. Your attention to detail must surely be appreciated, and you certainly look very professional on the snow boards. I want to add a note of caution though – may I suggest that you double check with the girl-human to make sure that your tickets have been booked – these things can easily be overlooked. Just saying xxx

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  2. Hi Bella and Esme! I was very happy to see that you visited my blog….. appropriately named for ME since I truly am “one spoiled cat” and have been for almost 16 years. Since I’m OLD, if you need any advice from an experienced cat, just ask. Meanwhile – Nice to meet you young ladies!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Hi Sammy! It would be amazing to have an older cats advice! We will definitely be recommending your blog to others! Lovely to meet you xx


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