Rules to Ignore

Good morning Kitties!

We feel it is time to discuss the uncomfortable truth about human ‘rules’. Whilst it is important to always be on your best behaviour there are some ‘rules’ that you will simply have to ignore. Humans, live in a world of strange rules that they follow for no reason. They will therefore, inevitably try and impose a few mindless rules when you arrive. Remember to stand your ground and ignore all rules that are without good reason.

Some of the most unreasonable rules our humans have tried to impose are:

1) No kitties on the bed…


2) No kitties on the table…


3) No kitties in the clothes boxes. Seriously – buy furniture…


4) No kitties in the boy-man’s shorts whilst he is trying to plank…


5) No sharing human snacks…


6) No helping with the cleaning…


7) No playing in boy-man’s boxer shorts whilst he showers…


A completely absurd set of rules I’m sure you will agree. Be on your best behaviour kitties but exercise your judgement carefully where human rules are concerned.



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