More Visitors

Today we met girl-woman’s mother and father. We liked them very much and were impressed by how they had dressed for the occasion of meeting us. There was none of the slovenliness we see daily from our humans.

No, in contrast, these humans both wore rings, necklaces and other pleasing bodily decorations to honour us. The mother-woman had decorated her toe-nails and worn sparkling shoes for us to enjoy and the father-man wore sunglasses throughout the visit which, we felt, showed a certain kind of respect we have not previously enjoyed.


Yes, we liked them very much indeed and spent lots of time giving them the attention they deserved. We also spent a great deal of time admiring the mother-woman’s feet in the hope that our girl-woman would consider improving her own rather poor excuse for feet. We also could not help to fail but notice the father-man’s startling resemblance to Musafa. God of all kitties. He is obviously a very wise man to be blessed with these looks;


The only criticism we have of these visitors is that they only stayed a few hours. Apparently, their twelve hour drive to France was considered an appropriate excuse for such an early departure. We were very displeased with their announcement to leave and displayed this by trying to persuade them to stay.



Leave they did though. We noticed that girl-woman’s eyes leaked for some time afterwards so she obviously also thought them rather rude to leave so soon, or perhaps she just realised that she doesn’t make enough effort to decorate herself as well as she should for us.

After much discussion about these visitors we have decided that they will stay on our ‘liked’ list and we hope they come and visit again soon.


We also discovered that the mother-woman has her very own blog which we will be taking the time to explore later. Perhaps it will explain her sparkly feet? Or her insistence about us playing with her hair when we didn’t really want to…


Keep caring kitties!



4 thoughts on “More Visitors

  1. Dearest Bella and Esme, what clever kitties you are to write so agreeably about our visit. I must thank you for noticing the additional adornments which were indeed worn in your honour. I agree that your girl-woman and boy-man made little effort for such a momentous occasion, and I hope that your blog has encouraged them to raise the bar even a little. I am sorry we had to leave so quickly, and let’s face it, you made strenuous efforts to dissuade us from departing. Alas, the 12 hour drive beckoned and Mufasa has a strange man-like need to drive without ceasing for the entire trip. We hope to see you again soon but will follow your blog with great interest. Lots love from sparkly woman and Mufasa xxx

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  2. MOL…Our pawents hardly ever put on decorations for us. It has to be someone’s Gotcha Day and then they are rather stingy with the adornments. Mom never gets shiny ears or coloured toenails. I would love to play smacky paw with shiny ears but alas she never gets any. Wonder why? She never wears sparkly anything…she should. Sparkly hair would attract our attention. We could strengthen our teeth by pulling on it. Well, friends Iwe are so happy someone understands how special you are and dress for the occasion.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Kali and Shoko

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