Bedroom Access Update

Good afternoon Kitties!

Just a quick update about a strange problem with our new found bedroom access. The fun began again as planned last night. We played lots of chasing games, running over the bed to ensure we involved the humans. They were clearly enjoying it with girl-woman getting involved to take a few photos. This pleased us greatly as we could easily play without involving them so it was good to be appreciated.



However, after the boy-man had carried us out of the room for the third time, he then went into his man cupboard and began searching for something. We watched carefully throughout and although he was clearly thinking of us, his plan backfired terribly. He made some sort of contraption which he clearly felt would help us open the door handle easier and faster:


Sadly though, that was not the case. We could not open the door and so were unable to play for the rest of the night. We meowed a great deal to share our concern but think the humans must have fallen asleep as they didn’t open the door.

We don’t want to hurt boy-man’s feelings when he has gone to such lengths to help us get into the room but we shall have to begin our meowing much earlier tonight to ensure they remove the contraption before falling asleep.

Keep caring kitties!


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