Good morning kitties!

The humans are very excited today as girl-woman’s mother is visiting tomorrow. Apparently she lives in France so they don’t see her often. We are also very excited. It’s always fun having visitors!

The most important thing to remember when visitors arrive is to make them feel welcome, especially if they are a little uncomfortable around cats.

The more exposure they get, the more they come to enjoy it. Our humans recently had some friends visit and the man-friend apparently didn’t like kitties!

This was shocking news but we worked hard to change his opinion by spending every possible second showering him with love and attention. By the end of his visit he loved us and felt very welcome:

He will no doubt go home and get some kitties of his very own now.

Have a good day and keep caring kitties! We are going to spend the afternoon decorating the house with toilet roll in preparation for tomorrow’s visitors.


2 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Hello again Bella and Esme; I thought I’d write to tell you that I am the girl-woman’s mother who will arrive tomorrow! Yes, how amazing, and I will get to meet you both at last. A word of warning, I have a man-human with me who is not always as appreciative as he might be regarding kitties. However, I am confident that you will both go out of your way to make him feel extra welcome 🙂 lots of love, from girl-woman’s mother xxx

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    • No problem at all! We will welcome man-human with lots of love and attention! We look forwards to meeting you. See you tomorrow! 🙂


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