Bedroom Access

Wonderful news kitties! We now have full access to the one room we couldn’t enter.


Ever since we arrived the humans have insisted on shutting the door to the bedroom which has vexed us greatly. This room, we decided, was the only room we wanted to play in but it was so hard to get access. We managed a few mad dashes through the human’s legs to get a glimpse of the room but then we always got put back out again.

Last night however, Bella came up with the most wonderful idea! She had noticed that the humans push a handle on the door whenever they access the room and she thought we should also try. We spent quite a while jumping at the handle without success. We could hear boy-man inside the room shouting words of encouragement so we persevered and low and behold the door opened! It was a wonderful moment.

We then had the most wonderful night of games with boy-man. We played ‘chase and carry’ which is where we run around the room, occasionally running over the bed to tease the humans, then boy-man catches us and carries us out of the room. We wait a few minutes to allow him time to get back into bed and then we jump at the handle and begin all over again! We played for hours and can honestly say it was the best night of fun ever!

The only downsides to the game were that girl-woman wouldn’t play and insisted on being asleep – very annoying, and boy-man didn’t seem to be enjoying himself quite as much as we would have liked. In fact, at one point, Bella even thought he was getting a little grumpy. Hopefully he will have a sleep today so that he’s ready to have a little more enjoyment when we play tonight. In fact we better get some sleep now so that we have plenty of energy for later.

Keep caring kitties!


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