Appreciate Your Surroundings – Part 2

Good morning kitties!

The humans continue to open the curtains in this strange new style meaning we cannot show them how much we appreciate them:


Yesterday however, we came up with an ingenious new way of showing our appreciation for their home. It was so simple and effective that we simply have to share it. All you need is a toilet or kitchen roll (located easily in bathroom and kitchen). We trialled both but found the kitchen roll a tad large for us to manipulate successfully:

kitchen roll

This may be the best option for you larger cats but for us toilet roll was the perfect tool. Simply roll it out and then rearrange it until you find the most pleasing effect. After a few short minutes we had transformed the apartment into a beautiful work of art:



When looking for further ways to improve upon our design we found a very useful blog which gave this tip:

“If you want to emphasize a piece (of art) and add to its perceived importance give the piece space.”

Seeing as space is plentiful in this home (due to the human’s continued lack of furniture) we are confident that we will be able to create new, stunning and important designs day after day.

And if you’re wondering what the humans thought – they LOVED it! The boy-man clapped his hands to his mouth and was rendered completely speechless by our masterpiece. He was so overcome that he had to leave the room almost as soon as he had entered! Girl-woman was much more verbal in her praise and began to praise god, repeating “oh my god!” whilst shaking her head in amazement. It was a joy to see her so happy and so moved. We were also a little surprised as we hadn’t realised she was religious. Now we know, we will redouble our efforts and aim to add a more spiritual element to our art.

This morning our work was mysteriously gone so undeterred we have begun a new gallery. It’s currently a work in progress but we feel confident it will be ready by the time the humans return.



Go ahead and try it kitties! Your humans will not only feel loved and cared for but will rejoice in your artistic capabilities and may even feel spiritually moved.




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