The Little Things Mean So Much….

Good morning kitties! It’s a rather dull day here in Holland but we have already managed some good deeds this morning.

It’s important to remember that not all your gestures of love and kindness need to be spectacular. We can’t be expected to be amazing all the time. Your humans will love the little things you do for them just as much.

It’s not yet 7am and we have already helped both our humans this morning.  The man-boy has some new shoes which he’s rather fond of so we helped him put them on this morning. This resulted in a torrent of excitement from him. He wasn’t quite as excited as during the curtain performances but he still managed to flap his arms and call out encouragement. It feels good to help.


Almost straight after there arose another chance for us to help. Girl-woman went into the shower room and we quickly reminded her of the importance of ear hygiene. She was very grateful and even talked about buying more buds.

So there you go. It really is that easy to help your humans with the little things.

Keep caring kitties!


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