Appreciate your Surroundings

There are so many rules a good kitten should follow, it’s hard to know where to start. After much deliberation we eventually decided to begin with the all important rule of appreciating your surroundings. If, like us, you have just moved to a new home, it is important to show your humans that you are grateful.

There are many ways of doing this but a good place to start is to acknowledge their curtains. Most homes have these and the ones at our new place are actually rather good:

1As soon as we saw them they reminded us of a theater and so despite the clear lack of furniture (a daily disappointment) we set about displaying our enjoyment. We have performed many musical numbers in these curtains over the past two weeks and the humans are very grateful that we are so appreciative.

The boy-man gets so excited that he begins shouting and waving his arms hysterically. He also calls out new, exotic sounding words which we’ve never heard. His obvious pleasure has prompted some of our best encores, including the time Bella famously clawed her way to the top of the curtains to better dramatise our balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet – wonderful stuff!

We can highly recommend this method of demonstrating your gratitude. The more you run in, out, up and down their curtains, the more your humans will see what kind and caring kittens you are.

That said, we had rather a shock this morning. For some (as yet unknown) reason all the curtains now look like this:

IMG_0675We had planned to begin a rather fabulous rehearsal of Jesus Christ Superstar but this new style of curtain opening has made that impossible. Despite our best efforts we are sadly, unable to reach the curtains any longer.

Never fear though good readers. We will no doubt find a new way to show our appreciation of this sparsely furnished place very soon.


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